The Dienastie frame is your go-to sunglasses, any day - every day. It’s made from special lightweight Japanese polycarbonate, accompanied by strong hinges and great lenses, for the best sun protection for your eyes.

With short and effective handling from supplier to the final customers, we can keep the prices low and quality high - always aiming to give our fans a great product and value.


Sit back on a beach as the sun rises at dawn. Look towards endlessness. Our HORIZONS will help you focus on achieving that perfect state of being, and prepare you for what lies beyond.



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The go-to pair of classic frames that will never go out of style. These EVERYDAYS will be your saviour on your hot beachdays, your TBTs and in the club.

So man up, live a little and be sure your EVERYDAYS are with you always.


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The world revolves around you. At least that is what you feel like in these perfectly round sunglasses.

No matter if you are a sinner or a saint, you still need a HALO.

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Our first all female frame, DIVA let's you become just that. We are sure every woman hides a fashionable self inside. Bring her to life and put on these DIVAs.

You won't regret it for a second!!!

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