We're living in the age of drones. From virtual machines to you yourself simply following pre-set expectations. Life is more than that. Don't be afraid to live life.

Dienastie was founded 2011 by Swedish designer Jesper Lindquist and started out as a sunglasses brand. It could now more be described as a movement, an ideology, focusing on inspiring people to pursue their true goals in life.

It’s a platform for creative heads showcasing a lifestyle where you pursue your true goals. We’re photographers, graffiti artists, parkourers, DJ's, art illustrators, musicians, race car drivers, surfers, architects, skaters and more.

Welcome to our Dienastie where you set and live by your own rules. Where you break free creating a new a set of essentials. Where you can be wrong in all the right ways.

We're all born with a purpose and an identity. We all have unique goals and dreams. Just be you.